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Leffe Brown 33cl 6,5%
Leffe Brown 33cl 6,5%

Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer. Both its deep, dark brown colour and its full, slightly sweet flavour can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making every sip just as exceptional as

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Dinant, 1240. 
In the heart of the Leffe district lies an abbey well-known among the village locals. One morning, the Premonstratensian Fathers that live in the abbey hold a meeting in the refectory on a subject that concerns all the inhabitants of Dinant: how can they avoid the epidemics that spread through contaminated water? After giving the subject some serious thought, the monks come to the idea to purify the water through a process they knew only too well: by turning it into beer. 
Before long, the inhabitants of Dinant have the pleasure of discovering a deep, dark brown beer, and thousands of pilgrims passing through are more than happy to sample the monks’ hospitality. Leffe Brown was born.
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